Our Obligation Concerning the Companions


Makatabatul Irshad
'Abdur-Razzaaq Al-Badr
Abu Sulaymaan Muhammad 'Abdul-Aziem
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A small excerpt from the book:

The topic of this discussion is entitled “Our obligation concerning the noble companions” (May Allāh be pleased with them); which is an enormous duty and a great demand (by Islām) that is fitting for us all to peek our interest and devote the utmost concern for.

The honored reader should also know that our obligation to the companions is a part of our obligation to our religion is a part of our obligation to our religion; the religion of Islām which Allāh has approved for His servants. No other religion besides it will not be accepted from them as Allāh says,

“Truly, the religion with Allah is Islām.” [Sūrah ʿAli ʿImrān 3:19]

Likewise, Allāh says,

“And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter, he will be one of the losers.” [Sūrah ʿAli ʿImrān 3:85]

This true religion and straight path is the religion of Allāh. Allāh selected a trustworthy Messenger; one who is a sincere advisor and wise; an honored Messenger who is Muḥammad (Peace be upon him).

He conveyed this religion in a complete manner, explained it fully; and established what His Lord ordered in the most perfect aspect and circumstance as Allāh ordered him,

“O Messenger (Muhammad)! Proclaim (the Message) which has been sent down to you from your Lord. And if you do not, then you have not conveyed His Message. Allah will protect you from mankind. Verily, Allah guides not the people who disbelieve.” [Sūrah al-Mā’idah 5:67]


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