Selections from the Garden of the Wise and The Meadow of the Virtuous


Authentic Statements
Abu Haatim Ibn Hibbaan
Ihsan Gonsalves
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A Classical work that clarifies the praiseworthy qualities that the believer should strive to possess and te reprehensible caracteristics from which the believer should flee

From the book:

It was narrated that Zirr bin Hubaysh said
“I went so Safwān bin ‘Asāl Al-Murādi and he said, “What brought you here?” I said, “I am seeking knowledge.” He said, “I heard the Messenger of Allāh say, ‘There is no one who goes out of his house in order to seek knowledge except that the angels lower their wings in approval of his action’.”
[Ahmad (4/239-240) and others]
Once the wise person has rectifief his inner self, he should couple that with seeking knowledge and persevering upon that, as there is no better wat for a person to clarify the affairs of the dunyā than with the purity of knowledge. A wise person would not be neglectful of something that would cause the angels to spread their wings for him in approval of what he has done. However, he should not hope for his efforts to bring him closer to the kings and leaders or to obtain material things. There is nothing worse than a scholar abasing himself for the people of the dunya. Al-Fudayl bin ‘Iyād said, “There is nothing worse than the scholar to whose home people come and say, “where is the shaykh?” and they say, “He is with the ruler,” or “Where is the shaykh?” and they say, “He is with the judge.” What is for the judge and what is for te scholar? whats is for the ruler and what is for the scholar? The scholar schould be in his masjid reading the Qur’an.”
Muhammad bin Muhammad bin ‘Abdillah bin Zinji told me this poetry:
‘In knowledge and Islām, a person as protection,
And abstaining from the heart’s obedience is enslavement.
Insights of guidance for the youth are apparent,
And the knowledge of honest qualities is gained by learning.’
p. 21-22


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